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Ford Motor Company of Dagenham designed the 10hp 7W car for launch in March 1937, of a style and design which to which the new motor user was to become very attached, and where Ford parted from vehicle model designation of identifying letters and numbers to name it the 'Prefect'. To the motoring public it became the 'Ford Pop' or 'sit up and beg' Ford. The 7W Ten used the 10hp 1172cc side valve engine, on a 94" wheel base chassis, continuing the proven layout of transverse front and rear spring with torque tube. The 7W was offered in both 2 door with 4 light (side windows) and 4 door (6 light) form, all with deluxe features, fold down boot panel and removable spare wheel locker lid, opening windscreen etc. The frontal and side aspect of this model was not dissimilar to the more basic 7Y model offered later with 8hp engine. However the launch of the Prefect E93A in 1939 showed many differences. Gone was the sloping front cowl to be replaced by a V shaped radiator grill, the centre hinged bonnet gave way to the 'alligator' type bonnet of one piece hinged at the rear. From now on the Ford Prefect was only offered in 4 door (6 light) saloon form on the home market, as it continued until it's demise. There were variants of tourer and van, these were offered only for the export market. The Australian market, at this time assembling knock down kits and part builds at the Geelong assembly plant, had additional models of E03A produced 1939 to 1945 and A53A produced 1946 to 1948 in car and van form, these were exclusive to their own market. In 1948 the Ford Prefect E493A was given another slight make over externally, replacing the previous free standing headlamps to those set into the front wing. Over the production period of the Ford Prefect 'upright' which finished in 1953, the vehicle remained virtually unchanged, there were slight alterations, a swage line here, a badge change, interior detail changes etc, but it retained rubber running boards throughout the production when other manufacturers had radical style changes. Ford replaced it with the Ford 100E Prefect at the end of 1953, but the success of the 10hp Ford Prefect E93A and E493A together with the export variants achieved a production build of 320,336 units. This in itself was an achievement which Ford could have been proud of. The fledgling motoring public took the Ford Prefect to heart, the cars served well, enabling those days of 'happy motoring' to be enjoyed by the masses, a true family car, one of the Ford family. These vehicles are still worth preserving, capable of giving good reliable service. Do not be in a rush, they are not a sports car, custodians of survivors get great pleasure and enjoyment from using these vehicles which are very capable of normal motoring use at a very comfortable speed. The 10hp 1172cc Ford Prefect restorer or repairer is able to obtain most items required for continued use and maintenance from specialist mail order spare parts suppliers, who are able to ship world wide. further details please click here.
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